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With the title line’s first words being “Our first child” most would assume that a baby is the subject material and guess what? It is! But not exactly how you would think. Instead of our first child having ten fingers and ten toes it has 10 songs. In the place of unique facial features we have a beautiful masterpiece of original art as a front cover and instead of a first, middle, and last name we have a three word title. I wouldn’t say that we had a boy or a girl but more a collection of experiences compiling a journey of faith, doubt, praise, adoration, and discovery. From the very title, “In My Bones” we wanted to sum up our story and the things that made/make us come alive.

A baby typically takes around 9 months, give or take some, to make its debut into this world. Our baby took slightly longer. Ok, way longer…like way, way longer. Approximately 3 years actually. From the first signs of life as a result of intimacy with God, Sarah and I knew we had something that needed to be shared by more than just the two of us. You might be thinking about relational intimacy but I’m talking about the secret place(not that secret place though). We began writing songs together before we were even married and by the time it came to record an album we had tons and tons of material. In the beginning stages of compiling songs that would eventually go on the album we had a very narrow idea of the exact type of songs that would reside in the overall body of work. We wanted a full length, straight forward, worship album.
By the time pre-production came we shared the songs that we wanted to put on the album with our producer and quickly our little hearts were shattered. Yes shattered. Into a million tiny little pieces actually. His exact words after our first pre-production session were, “I don’t believe you.” That was quite a harsh reality to take in after we had worked so hard to gather our ideas and melodies together. In fact, we were quite infuriated and frustrated with him and even asked ourselves, “Did we just waste all this money on someone who doesn’t even like our songs?” After some time reflecting and him explaining his heart behind the disappointing and crumbling response, “I don’t believe you” we quickly saw the entire project shifting before our eyes. He didn’t mean that what you had written is all terrible or musically embarrassing, but that he didn’t feel or experience our personal story when listening to most of the songs. And he was right. We had crafted probably about 60% of the songs into a typical worship-like formula and lyrical frame-work. Now don’t get me wrong, we love worship albums and they have a huge place not only in the body of Christ but also in the world, but most of what we had brought to the table was lackluster at best.
From that moment on we began going back to our beginning days of songwriting and the times of first falling in love with the Holy Spirit and showing our producer absolutely everything.
In the process of doing this, and of the 3 years this took the most time, we discovered something. Our spirits were beginning to see a new side of God by looking back at our past experiences. Ironic to say the least. The more we reflected on the times of sweetly falling head over heels for the first time and rehashing out those moments with God that felt like they lasted a lifetime, we started to develop a sound. Something that was so unique to us. Something that no one else could challenge or rate on iTunes. It was our story with the Lord. Our testimony. The most powerful tool we will ever possess in our entire lives. The next 2-2.5 years were long but absolutely necessary. We chose a few songs that we originally brought to the table and unearthed some that were left untouched years before. It was in the process that we not only saw and encountered, but were transformed by a new side of Gods’ face. The arriving is really the journey. The promise is the process. That is where he finds us.
Fast forward to our delivery. Every part of the past 3 years had been life-changing and stretching to say the least. But even then we were still on the journey and in the process and with that came…well more learning, more dependence and more stretching. We had 10 complete songs. Some corporate worship type ones and some more songwriter and personal worship type ones. We had videos, marketing plans, a CD release worship night planned, church support, community support and everything that you would think would launch us into our destiny. Really it was everything that would take our journey to the next but sadly all too familiar level. Yep you guessed it! More stretching, more learning, more dying to ourselves. We released our album and for an independent first release, got a solid amount of traction. But it was a month later that we found ourselves with no ministry invites, not even close to the amount of online album sales we predicted, and utterly disappointed hearts. We thought that with awesome sounding songs for the church and for the listener, great marketing and networking, and amazing friends and family backing us up our lives would flip upside down and this proverbial “slingshot” that had been spoken over us countless times the past 4 years would rocket us into full-time ministry.

It sounds funny now, but that is exactly what we thought. For some reason we had forgotten about the entire journey the Lord had brought us through the 3 years before. It was like the past process of pain, growth, and maturity hadn’t even happened. We were back at square one, selfish, entitled, and trusting more in “our” doing than the Lords promises. Talk about a dangerous perspective. The months following were a confusing yet comforting reality check of the Lord’s desire for all of us, to extract every bit of worldly self out of us that we end up not even being recognizable to this world, but at the same time standing out so much because we look exactly like our Father in heaven. No insecurity, no pride, no ego, no fear, no shame. Sounds like a good life to me. And guess what? Jesus died so we could have that life and have it fully!

Now we find ourselves a year later and still learning and being constantly stretched but more on fire and loving the process than ever before. Yes, we wrote and recored an album of 10 songs, made some videos, led worship in many different settings and places, and continue to write and record songs for the church (and for more importantly for him) but none of that pales in comparison to the life lessons we’ve learned and are still learning out of the process. Your story with the Lord is a gift from heaven no matter its shape, sound, weight, dimension, or length. It is something that can’t be taken away, stolen or made null and void. It is real and it is powerful. We hope you can take something from our journey. We hope that you experience his goodness and faithfulness as we have. And in the experiencing of his journey for you, don’t forget to express your story.
There is power in sharing your process because it breeds permission to always explore the depths of God’s heart.
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