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When Jesus walked the earth, people wanted to make him king. They were good-hearted, well intended people, and they wanted to force him into a political role.

But Jesus ran away. 

Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself. John 6:15

He had just healed the sick among them. He had fed 5,000 of their most needy. The people were excited about His prophetic edge. His words were revolutionary. His invitation, captivating.

These supporters had the right heart, but they chose the wrong method.

Their proposal was kingship. For Jesus to rule, to dominate, to lead the nation. And if He would have said “yes”, the crowds would have rallied behind Him; for He had the momentum… and the people had their Messiah.

But Jesus ran away.

His closest friends and disciples had already mentioned the possibility: Jesus vs. Cesar… a repeat of David vs. Goliath, Moses vs. Pharaoh, Israel vs. Everyone Else.

It would be the humble servant against the prideful rulers.

The people against “the man”.

The godly against the un.

It was time for the ultimate political campaign to begin.

But Jesus ran away.

He was the perfect mix of conservative and liberal. He was funny and challenging. A carpenter turned healer. A man of the people, but also above them. He was approachable, but in a way “untouchable”. And it seemed like he had already gathered his cabinet and staff.

So they said to each other, “Surely, he is the Prophet we have been expecting!”

Jesus Cesar. Jesus Judge. Jesus President.

The idea was so perfect that they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Democracy was not required. They would make Him king by force, if necessary.

But Jesus ran away.

He left them.

All of them.

And went up the mountain by himself. Just him and his Father. Leaving behind the thousands of voices that begged him to take over. To use power. To replace evil. To fix the world, through politics and human endeavours.

Jesus said no to being the leader of a few so He could become the Saviour of all.

“My kingdom is NOT of this world.” – Jesus in John 18:36

For some reason, the Body of Christ is still trying to get the Messiah to rule in our secular systems. But, His desire was to rule in the hearts of men. His teaching was about serving others, not our agendas. And if we follow His example, the only mountain we need to be climbing, is the one that takes us away from the temptation of thrones and power. Away from the old way of human authority and into the new way of Calvary.

Jesus ran away from politics because His mission was relationship.

Yes, Jesus IS the King of Kings! 

He rules and reigns supreme. But He got there through The Cross. He was given the name above all names because He died for His friends (and for His enemies).

I pray with all my heart, that we, the church, stop the pursuit of political power. Of trying to change people’s hearts with bills and laws. Of trying to prophetically declare the “Christian candidate” for the next election.

Go ahead. Be a good citizen. Enjoy your right to vote. Speak up for what you believe in. Your opinions are valid.

As I wrote in The Prophets Said To Vote For, ” I am a preacher and a pastor but I am also a voter. A citizen. I have my opinions about who would be better and who would be worse as president. I can attach Bible verses to those opinions. I can make claims of heavenly revelation about those opinions. I can use the platforms God has given me to influence people to share in my opinions.

But no matter what I do, or say, or write, or think… they are just my opinions.

Spiritualizing them will never make them spiritual. And I don’t think God is really that interested in telling me who to vote for… yet I hear His voice reminding me HOW to love. WHO to love. WHY to love.”

Let’s remember that the way of Jesus Christ is superior. He came to serve our broken world. To heal our wounds. To save the lost. To teach forgiveness. To show us truth in love.

He did not come to form a political party but to invite everyone to His Father’s table of acceptance and joy. Let’s not give into the temptation to be the guardians of the “right” standard. Let’s not give into the urge to be the messengers of biblical ethics. Let’s stay away from the “Pharisee party” and the politics of power.

God is summoning us to be the ambassadors of a New Covenant. Preachers of Reconciliation. Good Samaritans to the world. And according to the prophet Isaiah, the government is on His shoulders.

Let’s save our shoulders to carry the cross.

I trust for change.

And I pray we learn like Jesus… to run away.



+ Recommended Book: Jesus For President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Claiborne

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