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My dear brothers and sister in the Lord. Shalom. I write to you today after a glorious session of carpet-time with JC. There, I had a check in my spirit (after calling it forth to attention) to fast social media for 2 hours. While Sloaking in His presence, the Holy Spirit, who is a gentleman, proved to be Jehovah Sneaky. During this precious time where I did spiritual warfare on all the cheap grace that’s going around, I was convicted to Renounce and Break Agreement with Christian-ese.

As a pastor, I hear at least 50 words that are exclusively used in the koinonia of the church gathering. I use at least 65 of them. And it has to stop. Subconsciously we believe we need this “language”, and that’s a lie from the pit of hell (and the sinner’s prayer will not save us from it). Christian-ese is confusing for power evangelism, missional communities and servant leadership. If we want our discipleship to truly succeed, we need to die to the sub-culture of churchianity and re-learn the true meaning of being a follower of Christ. Because honestly guys, WWJD?

I’m desperate to see the church labeled with the title, “Friend of Sinners”. And it’s super hard to build a lasting friendship unless you speak the same language. If I keep telling my unsaved/pre-christian friends about, “the anointing I felt on Sunday while seeing a vision of the nations Daddy God is giving to me”, then I might as well just speak to them in tongues. Which Biblically has a better chance of attracting their attention to Christ than hearing my dumb Christian-ese. I am not implying that our holy speech be reduced to their carnal ways. I’m simply preaching to be like Christ. To leave our thrones of equality with God and choose to be the servants of all. And if serving them requires us to speak the second language of the world, then so be it. As God’s Twitter account says,

“Winning souls is wisdom.” Proverbs 11:30

If we wish to reach the 10/40 window (as well as the 4/14 one) then we should be compelled by love to change our strategy. We cannot use our Western Christianity to reach a generation that is hungry for Eastern religions. We have to stop trying to make our sub-culture appealing to theirs. Hello! We kind of suck at being cool. So let’s stick to the Kingdom of God strategy of: love, social justice, adoption, healing, compassion, lasting joy (and prophetic dance).

Let’s stop trying to be relevant and let’s start doing relevant things. Let’s keep our message simple, accessible and authentic. Let’s break the souls ties we have created with our modern (but cheesy) approach to church. Let’s be open for the Third Wave of the Spirit, which if it’s legit, should look like the first wave in the book of Acts. The wave where they shared all things with each other. The wave where the Holy Ghost was the lead pastor and the “lead pastors” were the lead servants. The wave where they change the world around them with the supernatural power of their renewed minds (Dreaming with God, to see Heaven on Earth).

It is not a coincidence that you are reading this today. This is a divine appointment. It’s time to name it and claim it. It’s time to agree, decree and declare. So I ask all prayer warriors, intercessors, worshippers and armor-bearers to shout-out-loud with the voice of triumph. Can you hear the mountains tremble? Join us from a mountain or a Lake, Wood or a Hill – songs will be heard that produce a Bethel experience and then when the Shekinah comes, we can go get some IHOP. (That would be Epic)

No more Churchianity and Christian-ese! Let’s choose the language of love as oppose to the language of “us”. Because “us versus them” was the Old Testament strategy, and in that equation, we would still be “them”. Thank you Jesus for paying the price to make us all, part of You.

Above all else pray for me. I called this website Happy Sonship and Sonship is not even a word in most English dictionaries. It’s Christian-ese 101. Lawd have mercy!

I pray for traveling mercies as we all move forward and a hedge of protection for when we get there.

And God’s people said: ________ !
with Agape Love,

Pastor Carlos

Missional Church Community Director and Apostle of Nothing


* I know I’m missing about 30 words so please pass them along in the Comments Section below. Thanks!

One of my all time favorite books: The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible