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Mike McHargue is a clever man who is just as comfortable with questions, as he is with answers. That’s why he’s such an interesting thinker and why the church needs his voice.

He goes by “Science Mike” and he’s the co-hosts of The Liturgist, which is one of the most interesting (and illuminating) podcasts around. That’s where I first heard of him. And after reading his incredible new book last week (Finding God in the Waves) I interviewed him, so you could meet him.


1. What does the perfect church look like?

I’m not sure there is any such thing. If we seek perfection from community, we’re only creating expectations that will lead to pain. I think it’s better to strive for healthy churches. A healthy church accepts and affirms people where they are and challenges them to become who they are becoming.

2. “Science gives us facts. Faith gives us meaning.” Explain por favor.  

Whenever religions challenge science on its turf, religion loses. A literal read of Genesis is absurd when compared to modern cosmology. When it comes to determine facts about physical reality, science wins. Full stop. But science doesn’t speak to any meaning among those facts. It’s my faith that makes me believe, “the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice,” even though that’s an idea with little empirical merit.

3. That quote was from your new book “Finding God in the Waves.” I love it by the way. Great job. That’s all I wanted to say.

Thank you!

4. Mike, who should be our next president?

I am incredibly grieved that right now the statical odds of a Trump presidency look like a coin flip. Trump is openly racist and xenophobic, and a large swath of our nation seems ok with that.

5. How do you balance travels, podcasting, family, writing?

I start the day with family time, but once I start working, I work as hard as I can. I don’t procrastinate. Extremely intentional use of scheduling via my calendar, and my calendar has blocks of rest and family time on it. Also, I don’t watch TV which gives me hours each week other people don’t have.

6. Do you like being called Science Mike? And where did you get that name from?

I often worry that the “Science Mike” moniker sets expectations too high. I’m not a scientist and I don’t have a college degree. My friend Sarah called me “Science Mike” at a party, and it snowballed from there. It does tell people what I’m about, and it is easier to spell than McHargue.

7. What would you do if Ken Ham wanted to come over for dinner?

Ask him what his favorite foods are. Ken Ham is not my enemy.

8. Who do you read most? And why?

I read all the time, so as a ratio, any given author is a very low percentage of my total reading. I’ve read everything Andrew Newberg has written. The same is true with Rachel Held Evans.

9. Michael Gungor is half Puerto Rican, I’m 100%, can I take over as co-host of the Liturgist one day so your audience can experience the real deal?


10. Latest show you binged-watch on Netflix?

Stranger Things. Before that House of Cards. Those are the only two shows I’ve watched on Netflix.

11. You’re a Christian, a researcher, an ex-athiest and a writer. Which one do you identify most with?

All of them. My identity is shaped by all those experiences and more.

12. What do you want people to say about you in your funeral? 

Everyone who knew Mike also knew that he loved them.

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