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Two years ago at a small prayer gathering on campus I was hit unexpectedly with an overwhelming burden, it was like a bomb exploded inside of me. Face buried between my knees, in fetal position on the floor, I was bombarded with a question replaying in my head, “Niko, will you lay down school and give yourself as a missionary to college campuses in America?”

I laid on the floor sobbing for hours wrestling with God. My first response was, “No, what will my family think? Oh man, the shame and embarrassment that’ll follow!” A million of other thoughts and emotions flooded my mind.

This question hit me at the core and offended everything inside of me.

Since a young boy I idolize the idea of the American dream; going to college, getting a good job, becoming wealthy, and living comfortably. I was consumed by this idea in the unhealthiest way. In middle school I started to gear up for this journey, becoming a part of every extracurricular activity and club I could to increase my chances of getting good scholarships for college. My senior year in high school I graduated with honors and a full-ride to university.

Just after a few days as a college freshman I was asked by our campus minster if I’ll be willing to become the student leader of the campus prayer ministry. I agreed, having no clue what I was getting myself into.

That year and the year following the campus prayer ministry exploded, and I witness lives of students, teachers, and athletes get totally rock and revolutionize by the love of Jesus. It was a real deal sovereign move of God. Our entire campus was experienced a corporate baptism of the Father’s love. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, honestly it felt surreal.

Life was good. My thoughts, I’m in college, making good grades, living comfortably, amazing friendships, and seeing revival on my campus. C’mmon, what more could a college student ask for. Little did I know that it was going to culminate to a night in April in fetal position on the floor weeping, faced with a question that would require me to leave everything behind…

“Niko, will you lay down school and give yourself as a missionary to college campuses in America”.

As I wrestle with this decision my tears of fear and pain became tears of joy as my heart was suddenly overwhelmed with the Fathers love. I was reminded of the joyful sacrifice Jesus had made for me. The so-called “American Dream” begin to lose its appeal in comparison to the Father’s dreams for me, which was far superior. The question that offended me, I was now begining to see as a beautiful invitation to say yes to love.

I said yes.

A joyful yes that has set me on a wild adventure as a missionary to one of the greatest harvest fields in America, university campuses.

In 2013 myself and a group of friends launched Ignite Carolina Campuses (now Ignite Movement) to mobilize students to fuel prayer, love, and unity in their campuses and cities. Since then we have seen thousands of students encounter the love of Jesus and hundreds step into wild awakening to take their campuses and cities for Jesus. But we believe this is just the beginning for what’s to come out of college campuses in America.

Historically, university campuses have always been the breeding places for revolutions. As I’ve witness thousands of college students across America throw in together to see Jesus made famous I can’t help but to believe that we are on the cusp of a tipping point that will release faith in America and the greatest love revolution in history.

I believe there’s a sound coming out of the campuses of America, it’s a family of love activist who are giving themselves to a lifestyle of selfless and sacrificial love to shift the tide of history. It’s a sound of a Jesus Revolution that’s stronger than rebellion. It’s the sound of love.

May it be all of our song.

*If you want to find out more about other college missionaries, check us out at ignitemove.org

“Revival is not some emotion or worked-up excitement; it is rather an invasion from heaven which brings to man a conscious awareness of God.” – Stephen Olford