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I am a father of two, a husband to one, a leader to many, and I have an important confession to make:

I am addicted to Chocolate Milk.

Notice how I capitalised the 2 words. It is that personal for me. Because it’s not just milk with a bit of chocolate. It is Chocolate Milk. The sweetest, tastiest, most refreshing and slightly caffeinated drink in the world.

You see, I don’t drink coffee (stinky breath) Neither do I drink tea (stinky life). I barely drink water and I’m not really into juice either (except grape juice that gets old and is sold in special areas at the supermarket). I drink Chocolate Milk. Pure and simple.

Every single day for the last 30 years I have enjoyed the fullness of God’s glory in a glass. I received the revelation at a very young age and I feel it is important for me to single out the ones who made this discovery possible.

I am grateful to:

1. God: For creating chocolate and for not judging me when I give it to my sons without restraint. I thank you for sharing your pleasures with me.

2. The Mayans: For discovering and processing chocolate. For calling it the “food of the gods” and for giving it to the european oppressor to perfect it and export it. Dios bo’otik

3. Jeanne Louise Calment: Who lived to the age of 122 (the oldest anyone has lived) and ate two and a half pounds of chocolate per week. Thank you for taking 122 years of your life to prove my own life’s theory correct.

4. Mami: My mother. My teacher. Who served me chocolate milk in the bottle before I was even able to hold it by myself. I am in debt to you forever. Wow. Gracias.

5. To the 1980’s: For not being an era ruled by hipster moms that gave their kids almond milk and carrot juice. (And also for giving us the perfect Norwegian band, A-ha.)

6. The Nesquik Bunny: You have been with me in the good times and the bad, through thick and thin (mostly thick because I like 3 big scoops). I have been unfaithful to you on a few occasions and it has never been worth it. Nobody can break what we have together. And I mean, NO ONE! I love you.

7. My gorgeous wife: My giving queen. For serving me a tall glass of full fat chocolate milk twice a day, every day. Thank you for helping me achieve at least 50% of my daily goal. Te amo.

8. Myself: For being brave despite the ridicule. For saying yes to your taste buds and yes to your heart. I’m proud of you Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Sostre Ortiz Rivera Pagan Burgo Pardo Garcia Caquias Nazarrio.

Now for the record, you should know that Chocolate Milk is literally the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin D and awesomeness. It’s super good for you (confirmed somewhere in the bible) But I drink it, not because of its incredible and well documented health benefits, I drink it because I like happiness.

So here is my 12 step program to deal with this addiction. NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE MILK!

And I write this to encourage you to be proud of the things you enjoy the most. Celebrate the little things in life, because the “big things” are actually overrated.

So. Off you go. Serve yourself one today. And join Jesus and I in perfect joy. Life is too short to not have a Chocolate Milk today.

Like right now. Go.

Ok, Ok don’t worry, No pressure. I’ll go 🙂

Hugs to all,


ps. Seriously, go order a BIG one: Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Flavor – 48.7 oz (85 Servings) – The Everyday Must-Have

What’s your (Holy) guilty pleasure? Comment below