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When my dad passed away two and a half years ago, the importance of family hit the depths of my heart. I wanted to make the most of every memory, and love harder and deeper than ever before. It made me more driven and determined to be a help mate to my husband. It inspired me to look for ways to help out financially, but most of all, to being his best friend, his wife and a great mom to our kids. 

 I was raised in South Africa on a large cattle, sheep and horse ranch. Growing up in these surroundings instilled a love for the outdoors and animals of any shape and size, both wild and domestic.
And I now live in suburban America. 🙂

I met my husband, Max on a ministry trip almost four years ago. Moving to the US had its obvious challenges. I had to wait on many documents before I could legally work. Not working was a challenge as I am a go-getter. I am constantly planning months and years in advance. Having all this time on my hands led me to founding Wags2Whiskers – Reliable Pet Care (Shameless plug!)

Our family has also grown as I am now the mother of two. Samuel, my wild 20 month old and a baby girl, Madelyn arriving in the spring. Wags2Whiskers has been a perfect complement to being a mom and wife. I get to be at home loving on clients pets while they are out-of-town. But I don’t have to give up the invaluable role of being a mom. I have been an entrepreneur from a very young age. I used to have a gift shop in a suitcase under my bed at boarding school for all the students birthdays. I also sold sheep-skin slippers and jerky!

Our farm was in a very rural part of South Africa. My parents had no option but to send me and my siblings to boarding school from the age of 6. I didn’t want my business or location to separate me from my kids. I loved boarding school, but I definitely missed out on special day-to-day events with my own family.

I tossed many ideas and concepts back and forth but then it clicked. After much prayer and seeking the Lord, God gave me the blueprint and name for my new business. This was while I was walking on the green way with Samuel when he was under a year old. He unpacked the idea of pet sitting and dog boarding day by day until I officially registered my business in June 2014. The name “Wags2Whiskers” is very special to me as God said “I am going to use this business as small as it may seem to take you from Rags 2 Riches through Wags2Whiskers.” He is faithful to His word and always finishes what He has started. He said it would not just be a job but a passion. It has always been my heart’s desire to be a stay at home mom but to still have the capacity to run a business.
Max and Samuel are animal lovers and absolutely love all the shapes and sizes of pets that come through our door. We bought Samuel a Miniature Horse named Impi for his 1st birthday.
Cute picture proof of myself with Sam and Impi:
These two have a very unique and special bond. Now we have our own farm, which is a dream come true. We have plenty of space to play and share with our furry boarders.
Wags2Whiskers has grown in leaps and bounds since June of last year. I have since brought on three wonderful girls to help me out. God has got His hand on this business and I have got my hands on all of your pets.
Trust me. I know now more than ever. It can be done. If you have a dream, and a desire for your family, God is wanting to support you and inspire you for more. Trust in Him and He will make a way. He did it for us, He will do it for you.
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