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You Are The Avalanche by John Mark and Sarah McMillian
94%Overall Score
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Most of the time I don’t spend my time or money on an EP. For some reason I find myself cheated if I end up liking the music but there are only 4 or 5 songs to satisfy my cravings for it.

Unfortunately, John Mark and Sarah McMilliam have hooked me again. And even when I still feel slightly cheated, their EP is the most satisfying one I own.

YouAreTheAvalanche_CoverArt_6433d0cb-f56a-4643-b52f-9c1acfe7170bI love how comfortable John Mark is outside of the box. And in the past I have usually preferred his least “corporate worship” songs. But You Are The Avalanche makes no apologies to be just that, the perfect 25 minute ensemble of songs that need to be sung with others.

As Andrew Greenhalgh wrote, “McMillan still weaves his lyrics together solidly but, this time out at least, he’s laid aside many of the metaphors and shoots straight, highlighting the rich faithfulness and graceful glory of the Savior, juxtaposing that beauty against the starkness of life.”

This a promising 5 song project that plays like a really long trailer. Like a showcase of what John Mark and his wife Sarah could produce for us in the future. They are both equally talented and equally engaging. And if this duo project is just a teaser, then I am properly teased.

My soul is grateful to be able to sing these songs to the God who is good and pursuing and always comfortable outside of the box. And this time, you should spend you time and your money on this EP.

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